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Stone Craft
Amoghshiddhi Buddha Stone Statue Bajrajogini Stone Statue Buddha Head Stone Statue
Amoghshiddhi Buddha
Weight:3000 gms
Height: 9.5 inchs
Price: $ 85
More Details of Stone Amoghshiddhi Buddha
Weight: 1500 gms
Height: 7 inchs
Price: 105 $
More Details of Stone Bajrajogini
Buddha Head
Weight: 3000 gms
Height: 9 inchs
Price: 89 $

More Details of Stone Buddha Head
Buddha Head Stone Statue Ganesh Stone Statue Ganesh Stone Statue
Buddha Head
Weight: 500gms
Height: 41 $
Price: 4.5 inchs

More Details of Stone Buddha Head
Weight: 1500 gms
Height: 8 inchs
Price: 57 $

More Details of Stone Ganesh
Weight: 2000 gms
Height: 89 $
Price: 7.5 inchs

More Details of Stone Ganesh
Lokeshwora Stone Statue Lokeshwora Stone Statue Manjushree Stone Statue
Weight: 2000gms
Height: 11 inchs
Price: 157 $

More Details of Stone Lokeshwora
Weight: 3000 gms
Height: 14.5 inchs
Price: 339 $

More Details of Stone Lokeshwora
Weight: 3000 gms
Height: 10.5 inchs
Price: 181 $

More Details of Stone Manjushree


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